Speed-demon Tracks

This site is about my personal concepts and daily trials, plus the ramblings of a madman.

Walk By

Weakened by the falls and signs,

With sound predictions and premonitions preforming some preclusion

Something to drag the bloody bones, drag`em dry

The staleness of upbeat vagabonds can pierce dregs

Though at times the showers of pain passes the time


 Wetness by the fire around the barrel,

Some tone of force stomped out the light

With flint and natural forest, all can be right

But the tinder is farther on, and so far still

Once upon a time this was all simple, but the dream burns


The highlands and the valleys speak in colors

Doing the dance of the broken, but as friendly flames

A safe breath among the wild, even when lost

Although the fields never warn about the stress,

The sheer cold, the wind, the earth`s crust


As the critters and beholders pass the holes,

Some know that the holes are being walked on

Places where progress checks,

Time and space holds weight on a thick glass scale

Looking pass the cracks become key, sometimes saving face


So walk, to keep from eating the mind, body, and spirit

Pass the shook, through the spooks, beyond the stains

The wear and tear holds no bounds, or forewarning mercy

Only a record of worry,

With enough dubious food to either be aware or disarm


For those pits and messages seem to see it differently, above it all,

Become deep with those familiar

Seek things out of reach, to build up from, not against

Even giving a little bit of something is something

Proven strange, but not as twisted as knocking it, so walk by it


Shy Scarlet and Spinning Tornado Clouds

Shy Scarlet



Hi Scarlet, hi

How is your feathers today?

Can I brush them?

Will you let me?

Come on, why so bashful?


Fly Scarlet, fly

Hop from the tops

Roam your great unknowns

I want to watch you smile

Embrace that feeling of freedom yourself


Cry Scarlet, cry

Bring those tears of joy to life

Break the barriers hiding your strength

Bore away the burdens untying you

Beyond there I am warmed by your glow


Sigh Scarlet, sigh

These days can last so long

So long that time grates us both like herbs

Inspiring the remains, if you so choose

Or you can give in to the cracks…




Why Scarlet, why?

The moon says wait even as the comets come by

You see them? Deary, why do you think you’re shy?

It is dreary, sometimes that jeer calls loudly, and I sigh

So I say, poke at the stars, duet with them and what makes you fly


Tie Scarlet, tie

I refuse to just watch you die,

I refuse to always have your side

I refuse to let you by, but don’t break up and cry

I refuse to leave you anyway, even as you bide


Strive Scarlet, strive!

You can do what you wish

With the means you can survive

With these seams you’ll make time

Even if you’re shy, even without trust, believe and soar high!


Bye Scarlet, bye

Let me know how it went…

You’ll be back before you know it…

Just imagine your guides…

Even with no one at your side, see with your own eyes



Spinning Tornado Clouds

Spinning Tornado Clouds.jpg

“Let’s not porch endlessly on just epitaphs, we will wander with wrecking walls, we will willingly!”


You know, this one almost didn’t even get a title for a name, but then I heard a thunderclap. I did play around with the idea for a while- the drawing, the colors, the look- and I thought: what if I tried putting some of those scribbles to use? Due to my lifestyle and current events, some of my words are edited to where I might not make sense at times, so even with a quick sketch representing the final work…

This is a reminder that people start somewhere. Some know I started with my name somewhere else, you might know me from here. I know I’m more than a face and as long as I’m having fun making things for me or for people to explore, it opens a brand new chapter in life.

So, what’s my point this time?


Don’t get shook by little bits of harsh noise and social weather. Salience from folks and friends can be alarming, but silence from them at times can become just as torturous. Make your bits and pieces, then come back on it all as a sturdy collaboration. Because for some, the world comes after you. And at times it will come after you nonstop. In a stormy scene like this, you can let that be a habit or you can make that an advantage.


So smile, have fun with what you got.




Dots and Rings



Join in the pride, far inside

A busy rinse cycle, deep inside

Where ideas shared are stacked abound, deep around

Many roads tied to vistas and millstones, all around

There are long fingers and watered palms that reach softly, deep and slightly

Only to the wary will the rain in these eyes open wide, wayward and slightly still


The sides are sliced in quarters, among tricks and hoarders

With a hurting so solid that it shackles and checks, making bad dreams become boarders

Some only deal with crime, others burden a heavy list; both bills that pave streets

Another set faces into silent jolts, shielded and stuffed with circles; dual wills crafted as sheets

What can become of the discarded ambitions, if all it takes to break a breaker is a contract?

A foul play twisting with another passion, a pact to the packer malformed as an abstract


This is no time to play games, although pretending maintains the sane

Being violin to the shenanigans isn`t fair, but the party favors this way all the same

Some day these things will reach deep and far, all and slightly, and wayward still

Somehow the presence of drives and driving horns will not drive these planets still

Though it is strange, being torn between being a quiet with a hoarse tone

Alone it is not, it is not merely a quiet storm; it is an undying ring, a prideful tone








People can learn to endure the times where no sound from others around may reach them. You don’t need to speak loud enough to make someone listen, interjections don’t help. Limited noise can get you places, even among friends who share the same locks a life holds on to. You can see so much, under and within the noise.

Never be afraid to break that silence, however. That sudden shift in space-time in the moment is mighty, even against yourself.     

Silence is key.





The running Storm

Call the name into existence

It is our living storm

This being goes on and on, speaking allegiance

It tunes the rhythm, as it strikes the floor

The crackles catch themselves at a glance

Some burst among us sneaking under Seline forms

Others weep around as the static clasp


It forms V claws and flat V fangs

A cuddling born of terror from amassed berate

Not of the confused passion is something abusing

Long bright days on the ground made them think

To love and lost is a feeling of something

To know no losing or concern might make lighting bleak


Pass the lions and birds of prey- the dominant packs

Some have to probate and challenge the storm as beasts

Proving to retribution to take it back

Signing the lost name in dirges, elegies, and effigies

Among these is that creeping familiar swinging flack

An honest friend on a cloudy day turning tort stories


As thin threads of hope make lightning

Illuminate the feeling

Even as a stranger with an eye storming

Contrast the roaring

It will pour cats and dogs, it`ll get boring

Still, steer clear of becoming a burning green housing


Once the name has been cast

Things like rage and sadness can pass

Things like blind outrage may not chase some sun’s task

Tilted curves and thick hail edges should drop at last

Temperance one day can give the bearer a pleasant bass

But understand: This is more than a point about running too fast




Cover up The

Rigid digits, soft curls; which can you be?

Stone minded or a kindled spirit; what can be is what you wear and perceive

Hard lights, soft spots; modeler words that display themes

So compact, yet cursive; these words command a touch, don`t cover it up

Just close your eyes and feel surreal


Steel cloth, so soft, but thick enough to break objects made to pierce, to unnerve, and to numb

Soft hide, fluffy armor, made for the bold; crafted to buff out more than the cold


Breach the formation; look for things to fuel the dream

Be ready for the nightmare for it needs to be redeemed

Claim it, sow it up, color it in skin

Just remember to keep those eyes closed

Just remind yourself that we can make the mold


No dream, a vision; a fine line to stand on as the wind beyond our reach blows us off of flowers

Then, you and the rest of our words become scattered near cinders, some forever


A heavy breath, a graceful breeze, both made for the weather to create a road to see; it can work

The grind, the running, will it all be worth it in the end?

Sturdy questions, storable solutions, even the craftsmen ponder, back to back

Yet with a worn back and thicken children hands they suit up, closing their eyes to swim on

Yet with a weight greater than one should hold, they believe that your words and our own cover bones


“Do you believe this fool?”

“Why help somebody who refuses…”


….One Refuse, one Refused; it gets harder, it gets juddered

They`re Refusing; it`s Reusable, so let`s use context to mess with an “F”, then end them with a “U”

Old emotions, resolutions, if any are made now they can be the mantra we need to fail again

And yet, here we are, dancing, stuttering at the scopes of life and duty

Refuse stress, infuse this; unmask that fear and self-doubt, search on and beat the limits


We`re boundless

We can move one another at a time



Scribbled in Notes

Bring out the box of bonds,

Here we have hands and heavy hooks

Too many to make puns with, but too tempting to toss topside

Could toss them aside, but we’ll be back at it, forgetting things


So as we start the next piece, the planning of it, or something from it,

Write as much of it down, picture it as a tombstone

There will be mounds of blossoms, a few plain tomes

Scattered ideas scattered all over again while the wicked wrist wicks, cracks, twists, and bends


Some days where the heart gets dents, some cuts, more winces,

There will be some memories getting scattered, but they’ll not be merely shattered

Tarred in boiling glass, to be preserved for admiring

Noticed by the plot, begging to regain hold


It will be written, and all of it will say “no”,

“No” to the darker thoughts

The holes that patch the image within with untied lies

“No” to the pain that at times would take the shackle of chains


The ties can be drawn erased, even broken,

So can ambitious dreams…

So don’t let go, don’t fold the hold to some stranger invading domes

Whatever the mind knows, open up the tote, save the tone