by Sableshade


Dream a simple shoot,

This way to a drifting dandy loft

Rest easy to the somber,

Breathe deeply with those steps,

Swim into the misty terrain


One must wonder how to clean the body

They must stutter to the stunning tones

Some can’t grasp to the spring of life

None can’t halt to let passion flow

Many try to tongue the drive though,

For wild thoughts can pave lasting roads


These thorns and berries are adorable

They rinse skin round and down

With wild thoughts they pick the lips,

Using sheets they lay gently down

With bumpy sleekly lumps they’re wrapped plumped,

Holding an endearing form, a warming mound


Bask on gases leading from heights and depths

Lure the dual duo, lewdly

Cast amphibian stories to a later time,

Later on where they’ll be lessons

As the rays bake away the later worries,

Save the strange feelings to stay skin-firm



Got to love a branching life. A life full of choices and changes.