Names are for friends

by Sableshade

A little pair of scissors and some glue

It’s all you need to make something feel new

Carry the fun around, chain the mends

Talk safely to strangers, for names are for friends


Plug the surge back up, you got to see this

There are webs online that saddens the bliss

But don’t let it drag you down, not right now

Don’t let the view lock up your caps, don’t ask how


Touch the ground and rest for a change

With a power break you’ll find the next page

Even oranges have signs of singe, some signs of tinge

So be close to strangers, besides names are for friends


Nothing can change your mind?

Not much should reach your crime?

Silence is someone isolating some ice

Why not break that frost with some nice rice bowls, or minced hand wipes?


It sounds crude to be bored out by work, and worked stiff

But you know that complacent work habits drives the rift

You’ll need to make new ends, at some point even with the bins

At some point your strangers will have names like you, friend


Trust it or not, up to you or down

Turn away and you’ll hear no tears drop, nor a screaming drown

Being hurt by crossed wires? Crackling in the head might work

You believe those cold sheet walls more than a stranger’s quirk?


Those scorns have got to be second guesses

Strangers glaring among friends of first impressing misses

But trust what you want, but don’t be a shut in

Believe and speak it then, names are for friends