Walk By

by Sableshade

Weakened by the falls and signs,

With sound predictions and premonitions preforming some preclusion

Something to drag the bloody bones, drag`em dry

The staleness of upbeat vagabonds can pierce dregs

Though at times the showers of pain passes the time


 Wetness by the fire around the barrel,

Some tone of force stomped out the light

With flint and natural forest, all can be right

But the tinder is farther on, and so far still

Once upon a time this was all simple, but the dream burns


The highlands and the valleys speak in colors

Doing the dance of the broken, but as friendly flames

A safe breath among the wild, even when lost

Although the fields never warn about the stress,

The sheer cold, the wind, the earth`s crust


As the critters and beholders pass the holes,

Some know that the holes are being walked on

Places where progress checks,

Time and space holds weight on a thick glass scale

Looking pass the cracks become key, sometimes saving face


So walk, to keep from eating the mind, body, and spirit

Pass the shook, through the spooks, beyond the stains

The wear and tear holds no bounds, or forewarning mercy

Only a record of worry,

With enough dubious food to either be aware or disarm


For those pits and messages seem to see it differently, above it all,

Become deep with those familiar

Seek things out of reach, to build up from, not against

Even giving a little bit of something is something

Proven strange, but not as twisted as knocking it, so walk by it