Shy Scarlet and Spinning Tornado Clouds

by Sableshade

Shy Scarlet



Hi Scarlet, hi

How is your feathers today?

Can I brush them?

Will you let me?

Come on, why so bashful?


Fly Scarlet, fly

Hop from the tops

Roam your great unknowns

I want to watch you smile

Embrace that feeling of freedom yourself


Cry Scarlet, cry

Bring those tears of joy to life

Break the barriers hiding your strength

Bore away the burdens untying you

Beyond there I am warmed by your glow


Sigh Scarlet, sigh

These days can last so long

So long that time grates us both like herbs

Inspiring the remains, if you so choose

Or you can give in to the cracks…




Why Scarlet, why?

The moon says wait even as the comets come by

You see them? Deary, why do you think you’re shy?

It is dreary, sometimes that jeer calls loudly, and I sigh

So I say, poke at the stars, duet with them and what makes you fly


Tie Scarlet, tie

I refuse to just watch you die,

I refuse to always have your side

I refuse to let you by, but don’t break up and cry

I refuse to leave you anyway, even as you bide


Strive Scarlet, strive!

You can do what you wish

With the means you can survive

With these seams you’ll make time

Even if you’re shy, even without trust, believe and soar high!


Bye Scarlet, bye

Let me know how it went…

You’ll be back before you know it…

Just imagine your guides…

Even with no one at your side, see with your own eyes



Spinning Tornado Clouds

Spinning Tornado Clouds.jpg

“Let’s not porch endlessly on just epitaphs, we will wander with wrecking walls, we will willingly!”


You know, this one almost didn’t even get a title for a name, but then I heard a thunderclap. I did play around with the idea for a while- the drawing, the colors, the look- and I thought: what if I tried putting some of those scribbles to use? Due to my lifestyle and current events, some of my words are edited to where I might not make sense at times, so even with a quick sketch representing the final work…

This is a reminder that people start somewhere. Some know I started with my name somewhere else, you might know me from here. I know I’m more than a face and as long as I’m having fun making things for me or for people to explore, it opens a brand new chapter in life.

So, what’s my point this time?


Don’t get shook by little bits of harsh noise and social weather. Salience from folks and friends can be alarming, but silence from them at times can become just as torturous. Make your bits and pieces, then come back on it all as a sturdy collaboration. Because for some, the world comes after you. And at times it will come after you nonstop. In a stormy scene like this, you can let that be a habit or you can make that an advantage.


So smile, have fun with what you got.