Dots and Rings

by Sableshade



Join in the pride, far inside

A busy rinse cycle, deep inside

Where ideas shared are stacked abound, deep around

Many roads tied to vistas and millstones, all around

There are long fingers and watered palms that reach softly, deep and slightly

Only to the wary will the rain in these eyes open wide, wayward and slightly still


The sides are sliced in quarters, among tricks and hoarders

With a hurting so solid that it shackles and checks, making bad dreams become boarders

Some only deal with crime, others burden a heavy list; both bills that pave streets

Another set faces into silent jolts, shielded and stuffed with circles; dual wills crafted as sheets

What can become of the discarded ambitions, if all it takes to break a breaker is a contract?

A foul play twisting with another passion, a pact to the packer malformed as an abstract


This is no time to play games, although pretending maintains the sane

Being violin to the shenanigans isn`t fair, but the party favors this way all the same

Some day these things will reach deep and far, all and slightly, and wayward still

Somehow the presence of drives and driving horns will not drive these planets still

Though it is strange, being torn between being a quiet with a hoarse tone

Alone it is not, it is not merely a quiet storm; it is an undying ring, a prideful tone