Cover up The

by Sableshade

Rigid digits, soft curls; which can you be?

Stone minded or a kindled spirit; what can be is what you wear and perceive

Hard lights, soft spots; modeler words that display themes

So compact, yet cursive; these words command a touch, don`t cover it up

Just close your eyes and feel surreal


Steel cloth, so soft, but thick enough to break objects made to pierce, to unnerve, and to numb

Soft hide, fluffy armor, made for the bold; crafted to buff out more than the cold


Breach the formation; look for things to fuel the dream

Be ready for the nightmare for it needs to be redeemed

Claim it, sow it up, color it in skin

Just remember to keep those eyes closed

Just remind yourself that we can make the mold


No dream, a vision; a fine line to stand on as the wind beyond our reach blows us off of flowers

Then, you and the rest of our words become scattered near cinders, some forever


A heavy breath, a graceful breeze, both made for the weather to create a road to see; it can work

The grind, the running, will it all be worth it in the end?

Sturdy questions, storable solutions, even the craftsmen ponder, back to back

Yet with a worn back and thicken children hands they suit up, closing their eyes to swim on

Yet with a weight greater than one should hold, they believe that your words and our own cover bones


“Do you believe this fool?”

“Why help somebody who refuses…”


….One Refuse, one Refused; it gets harder, it gets juddered

They`re Refusing; it`s Reusable, so let`s use context to mess with an “F”, then end them with a “U”

Old emotions, resolutions, if any are made now they can be the mantra we need to fail again

And yet, here we are, dancing, stuttering at the scopes of life and duty

Refuse stress, infuse this; unmask that fear and self-doubt, search on and beat the limits


We`re boundless

We can move one another at a time