High tide

by Sableshade

How to face this,

The tide of the waves

A rising side shading the stakes

It torches the mistakes

Casting them in fires, all around the seas

It seems to be a harsh beckoning, a bad connection, a failed call


The shine above

It continues to mock me as I canonically mocked it back, with questions in every step

Thinking that only asking the right ones would brighten the field, lighten the load

Call this one a fool, but still I must press down the hurt feelings

No one needs to see this, on one should bear it all like that

Still, I watch them, they watch me as I once watched them, as watchers in the tide now I face, my karma


How do I face this…

This quiet storm I see in my dreams

I talk to it with my arms and love it, hold the clouds to me

It is a mist in the ocean of caves above ground, airborne from hands, sand, and bone

Not all of this is pain buried deep, some of it has become a state of mind,

A string of flowers firmly planted as respects, as another mistake falls flat, curious and calm


The shine above…

It was meant to be a driving force to help pull the rubble from the drained puddles

Places where I would put my bodies each time I fall

Wetness was one thing these puddles couldn`t hold on to, too many holes from stress

But as the waves call to me in another roaring phase, I hold on to a dark thought that assures me

“Do your best”