by Sableshade

Slip on the sack, break the drooler`s back

Be your own, don`t attack another`s bone

Your mood may swing like someone`s spine,

Though that won`t snap to a collar`s bind

Even as your mind turns, mocks, and chimes

It`s your life`s back around the line

Craft a solid track to follow back

Sometimes you`ll remember to bounce back

Might get stopped dead, might get stomped flat,

Don`t think of that,

That`s friction to run with

That sort of thing that lets the heart dig with if stuck amidst,

That sort of theme that makes you look like an idol

Although, you`re one with a round mass of “possibles”

It will look impossible, even here there is doubt

Trust that this traction is not what it`s all about

Attract your own orbit, make the borders shake and bake,

Become an earthquake, choose how you want to frame your rake

This frame is for you, pass it and make a shot

These jokes are crude, a little headed, but you know better, don`t stop