by Sableshade

Without the rules:



Undo the errors,

Unprove the blame,

Uncover the fire,

Un-groove the blade


Remove that hated,

Replace that gossip,

Return that favor,

Refine that foster


Destroy a victory,

Destroy a song

Destroy a fallacy,

Destroy a flaw



Toss out “burnout”,

Turn down “the same”

Contort Constants,

Tint the old ways


Compound those feelings

Compress this mound

Compact the fury,

Make a confounding forest!



They aim to rig the odds,

add on to the chain

Rig the brain to run history,

run on full skip, and replay…


Repress the negative

Repulse that mantra

Refuse silent nights

Remain safe, refound



Recite somethings…