Piercing gaze

by Sableshade

Let the facts become the steps to be a way of thinking

Don`t just crack the sides that hold up the meaning

The ones cared for may look through glances with fear

To the stymied, it must be a fence


It could be by lava, by sheer cold, by torrents, by darkness

By other meaning and elements: the molt has deep eyes

The senses are there, so it is clear that the heart hears it all

Yet, don’t blush with blame if ones` rejection pleads respect


It`s a little hard to get: some game of bus stop

The one must`ve been hurt, with that same look…

That twisted expression that punishes the careless and true malign

One can be blamed, but then lenses get reformed on more bridges…


Sometimes a pry on the eyes is needed to calm a mad storm

Sometimes a riddle needs to be solved with fewer words over action

Sometimes the weather effects more than one being with an outlook

Sometimes, a fresh description is all it takes


There are times where questions solved with patience become cloudy

One shout claims to know the echo, but response is met with incoherency

When errors and dreaded tracks block off the bonds this way, rehearse, don’t retire

Every animal, just like the satellites have a day: don’t get too skittish, can easily scare the self this way