A rabbit pill

by Sableshade




A break isn`t the end
When the wind rushes in, spring on with a pretty gaze
World`s nature will follow onwards, turning on with or without the means
It doesn`t break true, it won`t stop
Not for the reasons of seasons
Everything grows to chance, with changes that follow, along with sweet memories
Charge that feeling with the sky as the sounds transform around it
Touch the waves above, see them with that ponder
Sally the context, then resuscitate any blight of beauty as beautiful sites
Bliss will bleed into the heartland; bless the branches that catch the blair beyond such brakes
The soothing tunes may even creep up on the needed and cheerful, giving new chirps to cherish
So rest the roots to get well, as higher ground and other tides continue to stride new pills to grasp
Drops for thought, honey for the soul
Remember, a break isn`t the end
It`s advice for stepping away from a glare, to discern the big picture as a whole