Passionate Prism

by Sableshade

As the day starts, sense the sunny breeze with humming wheels

Feel the noises that soar through the unlit streets while the moon rests

Long ago, the mother’s children would be sleeping

For now, morning meals for all


Somewhere out there an alarm sings, somewhere near the rings of a bell

Early birds jump high, the night owls smile at the sight of the refraction

If something had to be admired, it would be how the sun knows when it`s noon

It looms above the sky with a strong gaze, it waves to all with reason beyond respite


It cannot be covered behind blinds

The rays reach and wrap bold blankets to allure the eyes and body, parts that`ll respond

No use struggling against the gentle roar

The giant stirring star shares the brightness mercilessly, no need to rest when supported by light


The burning stone above within the world`s presence is a part of a grand compass

When the tellers return from the end of day to share more ray of phrases, the gathered will recite this

As wide as the space of a home can be, the long stretch from the evening breeze will catch wind again

The ring of the young born around the warm rocks know how this cycles


Until then, the radiance will be missed

The fading sunshine will grant the sleepy and restless the soothing satellite

A different kind of star for another kind of morning

Once the pulse of the field wakes them again, off murmurs would feel like nothing but a daydream