Gods forbid they intensify

by Sableshade

When we shake, rattle, and roll, we coil in defense to buckle within our emotions. It happens. We have days where walling up the world is a calling. And while we can’t hear a thing within our own hearts, we’ll think to ourselves in grief: neither will you. “You can’t understand it and that’s all that matters…” But, really?


You’ll be surprised. Voices are many things, even behind green glue walls. Before we watch ourselves implode in comic relief, take a look around. You feel that? Realistically, things in the world might block us off or depress you and me in ways that should only happen within some story about a glass shoe. We don’t need shoes to walk on coals my friend. The sky looks one way right now, but the ground sure is full of shades and bright surfaces. We’ll find the way, but please, don’t panic. Live, explore, work on things and continue growing. Make us understand, and make it matter on a positive note. So pull up a table and grab a seat.

We got options, we got space, we got time.

 Gods forbid they intensify_Final.png