(Irrespective) Furious Sadness

by Sableshade

Before I start, excerpt readers and new folks just getting in here, I want you to know this is the Speed-demon Tracks. I’m just sayin. When I’m not making poems and stuff, I go wild with what’s on my mind. If you want to leave before I lock the door, I’ll wait…


Yup, it’s no longer teachers who use this trick now and days to put those to the test.







We’re just getting started.

I hope you all are having good holidays, I don’t get to reach everyone like I use to. I would be that one guy lurking the comment section somewhere after a good experience, while looking for others who talk with an open mind and know full well that they can do interesting things with enough effort.

2016 Is one heck of an example of that, but let’s just leave it at that, ok? (I see somebody trying to leave. Sit     Down! I’m not done.) While I’ve been pumping out words to inspire people and myself, I’ve been swimming in my head for a bit. For months I’ve been trying to make progress in a way that made sense to me. I’ve even edited some words in the Tracks somewhere that talks about what my current skills are. No matter how I “run” from it, I am a Fine Arts artist with a lot of game knowledge to the point to where it might show to the curious. You know what I mean…

Why bring it up in this time? Well, I call myself a fool sometimes, but I’m not stupid. I’ve been making waves in a pot set on simmer. High simmer, and I even chased after some other madman I bumped into nearly 5 years ago thinking to myself, “I don’t need you to tell me how to feel.” Now people like that have given me life lessons and a moment to calm myself down long enough to give back. And when I give back, I bring The Giving Back, in bursts!

It’s what I’m good at, part of the reason why I’m here.

I care.


Here’s an example: Some of you who have dug around (by now) and found unique artists and other people through my influence of keywords might be here just to see what I make next. A good number of others really enjoy my poetry -a skill that I abandoned at one point all because of a series of bad events, along with visual art. Yet, no matter what your reason is, I guess I’m trying to say thanks. I would throw a speech about it, but that’s really my thing. (You’ve likely seen my poems though. Don’t you dare think I can’t do it. You hear me? *v*)


So on that note, let me ask you something. Do you mind if I drop some visual art in here every once in a while when I can? I am provoking you, but out of respect it’s because life gets rough on us sometimes and well, it makes perspective and logic lose sight of things sometimes when people should know better. I mean, what will the year 2017 hold? Will I ever look back at this blog post? Will you give me a simple yes or just not reply and walk out of that door (that I swear I locked a few minutes ago, fick…), still I’ll thank you for your curiosity and interest as an individual.


Oh yea, Furious Sadness is something I made before a shift. It’s down there, enjoy!




Rationalism is a challenging thing to think about when life holds all the cards and seems to know your next move before you do. To the point to where the ground plays tricks on us and the sky appears to be falling. Instead of flipping the image or changing the values, expecting and adapting to changing torrents can help make light along this unknown path.


It is like weather after all, it will pass. Let us weather with it.