Mirrors bend the Strings

by Sableshade


When my mirrors bend the strings,

The songbird carries me every time I stop

While I cheer myself on, I spring at the mercy of wires

The path looks off; Lies caked on dressing with no rewards await this quiet badger

But, I am no badger, just looking for a moment to shake them off,

These strings I mean


The tug of war had me reeling, heaving, about to break,

Yet here in I reflect; on the bright side everyone forgets

My own space shines a hole of a burning halo, multiple sizes and scales worth

Why break the image now when I can see the puppet masters?

I can move as they push the buttons to misdirect the wool; I have scissors for it, options,

For the mirror bends more than light and life


Super subtle slices, calm complex cuts, and awe-inspiring abrasions; I made a frame

Many frames to kite the little things aside, to be better for my reasons without pure bitterness

The strings may pull my body to tear down the painting I struggled to put in place, in my mind,

But in the mind the strings are bound to me, they are full of color and cool tints to me

I bounce between mellow, mystery, and misery, but at the moment when I know better,

My options control both the controller and this wonderful show