I am an Ant

by Sableshade


They thank me as I do my job

Being committed is all they ask of workers, yet in the end I shouldn`t be

I am the one asking them for help, to be the lazy one for a change

If I could care less they could be swayed

If I could care less, could they be swayed?


They tell tales of how the others should be like me

Long ago that mentality has nearly gotten me fired from life, yet in the end it is a personal grudge

I am the one who cracked up every once in a while, to be free of a reversed role

I can lift more than what my mind tells me

My mind tells me I can lift more than what?


These are feelings that some think I should explore

Normally I would say no, yet I got to share the tension

I am the one doing my part for the colony, for the queen so no one gets hurt

Only I am the one getting hurt

Am I the only one getting hurt?


No, but they remind me that I`m doing a good job…

My patience use to run thin because I had to rely on sugar to keep up, yet

I am the one who outlasted even the rivals who wanted me gone

This was a blessing in disguise?

A disguise was in this blessing


I would be lazy, crazy to leave work on a bad note

All because of one bad day, or a series of bad ways, a bad ending

I am the force of nature that pushes the breaking point for many, for some rest

When can I get some sleep?

When I can get some sleep


To this day, they believe that I am the one for the job

I don`t want it, but with a prude smirking wince I carry on… I am the freak,

A drone with a sick sense of humor that anybody can love and respect… sometimes,

Am I an ant?

…I am an ant…


An ant I am