Whispering Mysteries

by Sableshade

What are some things you don’t want to know?

Maybe the meaning, maybe the name?

Not everything seen is in rivers

If you had a chance to take a hint, would it cause remorse?

Sometimes for many, somehow, not for all?

The road isn’t clear when it’s set ablaze

Would it be risky to blame you for feeling curious?

Could be, but why should a projection be any riskier?

Placing it anywhere else could be dangerous alone

Is there methods for good feelings?

The feeling of more than just good times?

True to be, yet as the grains of derisiveness ticks, it tocks a grin

Enough questions for a second, second guessing is painful

But why? Why a second question for every second try?

The quest pulls one way, the feelings tug every day, even as they pray

Why do the flickers differ? How do the dim see it?

Will the dimness of the dimmed dim this current dimness?

The role feels reversed, the lighter is heavy, but not out of light

Still, stumbling through stories from sadder and starry songs…

So sorely starved, but for what?

Nothing else is needed right now, but the solution of an owned result

Who are they? What made them what for?

When will the creepy problem be solved?

Maybe, when a proper tone is formed, instead of hypnotical states of statements stating to stay tuned