Make it written

by Sableshade

Turn, turn, turn the ball

Pin the saw in place

Focus, aim for the call that set the theme in place

Join the motion and ride the jumble maze


Some spaces in the stiff puzzle are meant to stay

Some spaces in the universe shouldn`t be a threat

Needles of dread shouldn`t be in the place of the combing comfort that calms the cracks

Stitch`em up, let the tide pass, then stay high; ride it if needed, note it and breath out

Time to recite the words…..


Scribble the plot that woke up the curious dreamer

Don`t release that feeling, the scribbles won`t

Have a hand in the world stick to that scrappy story, it`ll haunt the mind with devotion

Easy, but never simple

A puzzle of self, looking to solve itself with pieces that won`t fit

But the pieces can`t be thrown out now, they`re reminders, waiting for the crafter to prove the point


…Mocking the heart: `Prove your point`

`What`s the point`

`Where`s the point`

`When is the point getting it..`

`Why`s is that the point?`

`Your point?`

Giving up isn`t a `fine` point, but an option, so is making things happen


Relics and ol` days remind the mind to stay aligned

Record, replay, refine; tuning it with improvement as desires drive

What moves do the limbs know? Make it and see

This may be a writer`s story, but it means a lot towards everything

Reflections and all; yes they shift, chip, fracture, erode..But!

Should the heart, body, and mind stop to a fellow`s undertow?

The scribbles from the hand from before doesn`t think so

In fact, it bows to the persona when the light fades



A thought that readies the next spark, a halo above the title enlightening the words…

Go again?