Upbeat Umbra

by Sableshade

Upbeat Umbra


The fields are churning now

Shapes with a mellow bounce are upbringing walls

Castles are becoming erect, floating towards inverted rainbows

There`s a smile peaking in those lines

It`s over the pasture, along the creeks and ruins that hold the fields whole

It gazes softly with a sedation well known to the stern, calm, and playful


Wonder what will wreck`em?

As long as they stand firm, the closeness to the end of day is ubiquitous

No need to doubt the clock though, the end of day always comes

Some find it inspiring, others find light within

Its pleasant world of chance keep many coming back for more

Even the fields predict its glorious gloss


There are sisters and brothers worth of tales that state horrors beyond the end

No strangers to that side, none to be seen

Would the walls care? Could the caves yield? Yet the yonder shows it

Although that fraction of the field is a story with more complexions than exceptions

Bending the viewpoints won`t scare the waves down though

It just means to make light for the lost, along with music from bright sites ahead


Soon, the day will change

And then, the gamble begins

Who wins? Who ends? Who bends? Who grins?

Sometimes it feels like a show or some kind of a game

It`s an opacity, a bubble in opaque tints

Once the end begins, the fields become the sky, until the next turn