Locks and Keys

by Sableshade

Locks and Keys



What a mystery, all the keys don`t fit

The doors we explored were on arrows

At some point we thought work bends respite,

yet from here we just cry behind walls

Reason? No motivation… Don`t picture it desperate

Some of us are just locks, some of us are just lost



“Golly”, we never want to use that please

But the locks came with a twist and shout

Sealing the freedom, resting in peace..

Can`t phrase it? Tried; can`t solve the puzzle, it`s too abstract

….Maybe we`re not smart enough, not flamboyant for the fav or the abyss

Some of us take that key and lock it in, some of us carry a spare


Remember “Golly”? It`s a word of mystery tied on a bow

It`s a funny though, but as not funny as the Killing Joke

We don`t skeleton keys like those to solve us though

They just juke us like frosted flakes, poking us with pokes like “okey-doke!”

They soak us with witty folks and ok`s like a daring fiend, cracking us up with judo

Some of us like keys like that, it can touch us in the right place, with enough hope


Need a map? Get lost! Life has no map, neither do we

Can`t solve the clover? Shame; now the words, are the sea

How did this happen? Blame time and space? Could blame “Golly”..

But let`s start again; if a heart beats, it can still sing, as the jigsaw unravels the “you and me”

See? We don`t need masks, in the end at least; just a definition to be…

Once found, we are all Locks and Keys; remember that we are all a kindled mystery


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