Saving Face

by Sableshade

Saving Face (Echoes: Shameless Opaque and Selfless Option)




**Shameless Opaque**



““Look at you, shedding your whole to random cascades.

Some reflection; reflecting again, digging, diving the dusty database…



Remember when you didn`t need tricks like this? Look at me, you`re not blasé to me.

You`re not in a state of raze, it`s merely a phase, a theme. Erase this efface…



What are you trying to save? Your color, your race?

You`re trying to see it their way, but I see you`re still saving face.



Why so afraid of them? This isn`t a race…

Having some doubts, are we? Want to cuddle over it, within my Space?…““




**Selfless Option**






“No thank you… I will not be buried in impatience,

I will not- break my ribbon or my own left hand,

I will not let my colors make me…

I`ll fight for my Love, my Table, my Place.





You`re not my brace- you`re mine!

Not something that I`ll beg and bargain for with my hell bent fury and boundless determination-

you chase. Give me a taste? Piss off!




I light the path for those better, who know better, and the better me.

In the dark, (you, me) we are me.

In the light, (from what I see) there`s too many, of me…

But here, you`re not my ace. I will not lose pace- I refuse to my other, I`ll refuse to you.

I`ll not bend to you again- I won`t deface.



Besides, if you really know me, I`d still stand up to my weaknesses… My Love, My Table, My Place- I`ll fight for what I stand for.

…If you really know me… I`d still respect my embrace.“