Everything’s Fine; Personal Poster Art

by Sableshade

(Lost? Don’t know what’s going on? Don’t worry, Everything’s Fine! Just keep telling yourself that everything’s fine…)


Life’s rough, sometime you got to remind yourself that breaking down isn’t the way. So…

I’ve been trying to get in the mood to make stuff like these little art posters for a site far away from this one. If nothing else, I’m good with my words, so here are some pieces based on a larger theme from my past about a Yorkshire who cohered with veggie monsters and stranger things to collect contracts from loaners. This kind of art won’t be about my old character Apex though, although some might not even recognize Raggdoodle. With the art posters, maybe I can light up somebody’s day with my way of thinking. Because when Everything’s Fine,

– it’s Abstracts only. Enjoy.







This is all for now! Bye bye!

(I also put them down here, in case internet acts funny on your end.)