Anything but the Grind

by Sableshade

 Friends, Fellows, Followers, and Funnies!

We have a great expression to show!

The commons, the normal, the average, and the classic!

Combed in with the many, and the best

Pick them off, one by one!

Put the worthy on a stand of your choice!

It`s their stage now

The attraction practically traps itself

In life anything goes, the show is no different!

Will the former hold out?

Can they show us all,

our emotions in one held winding?

There`s no curtains for them to hide behind!

Only The hopes and dreams!

Fans from all over have gathered to see either hysteria, or astonishment

The chosen have worked to the bone, and have so far shown anything but the grind

Friends, fellows, followers, and funnies

In this show anything goes, yet life isn`t any different

Let`s find our hearts, our dark sides, and enjoy

What it means to be redefined!