Pretty Kind Starstorm

by Sableshade



I hope you’ve been having some good weather or just a reason to keep your head up. This topic comes with a poem today. (So jokes on you if you’re that guy who “Too long, didn’t read” every topic people break sweat over for your experience) I’ve gathered a good list of artists to learn from in our generation. I’ve already kind of motioned that, so let me get to more serious stuff. You know writers have themes? Think about it.

I’ve bumped into what was one of the strangest types of poetry I’ve ever read with ambience that I couldn’t describe at first. As well as more dark poems that speak lessons from context. See, some writers have learned to craft their art using visions and thoughts, others I know use senses like music or other forms of fine arts to make the pieces fit and even tell a story. Sometimes, without them even knowing it.

What boggles my mind is the shyness from people around my age who question themselves and may even consider that their work might not be worth noting. Rejection is something that haunts even me. (Look in the past, you’ll see what I mean) I enjoy looking at stuff that people try to hide from themselves like it’s their fault. You know, baggage from the past? That’s you. Your character. You can’t hide that sort of stuff, but you do need to show it off selectively. History is funny like that.

But yea, I’ve peaked at some of that stuff. The words, the visual detail; their effort tends to tell me otherwise. Trust me, the number of times I’ve felt my non-art related work go unnoticed… Someone proved me wrong. And I was glad, so don’t cut yourself down. Stick around, might learn to explore some stuff.

(Also… You want that strange beat, don’t you. *I don’t know… It’s called “Gothic Abbreviation” by Ornate Exit)

*If you for some reason dislike unspeakable horrors, gaze past that link real quick!

If you’ve been following me, you might notice a trend in my work. I tend to loop over words and concepts with sudden shifts in pace, even as I talk. For me, it just helps looking back at how other artists got through life with what was given to them. Some I understand may be prideful about others knocking on old tombs, but you know full well it was possible.

My advice, let others warm up to you, see parts of you that they can relate to. The most open and curious will be your main concern. They might even stand for you when the world puts you in a bad spot someday. Anyway, I owe you guys an art poem… As a gift for facing my rambles.




Dance of the grass, till its grey

Oh, don’t be that way

It’s a party of dominating blasting colors; fresh, impactful -warm, savory

To be honest, mostly

A hint of light, spices of the night’s ray

Oh! You’ll be seeing it my way, in a sec


Pretty Kind Starstorm.jpg