Trying to rush

by Sableshade

Fool, where`re you going?

You should watch your meal

What you`re cooking isn`t a pain

-It`s food


Trying to rush things like that

Don`t act like that

Watch at closely, don`t ruin it

You should try to put effort in it

-It`s food


Nah, don`t just put it on the table and leave

You shouldn`t focus so hard on other stuff, just to rush

It`ll get cold, plus someone`s got to eat

Better if it`s you, besides

-It`s food


You know, you can grow from it, right?

Save some for later, sure

But don`t get too busy to have a moment for yourself, yea?

Time is precious, don`t skip feeding time though, ok?

It`s more than food -stop trying to rush it