Long shot – Short Leaps

by Sableshade

You don`t always reach people with your words. With a line as far as the ocean you could reach anyone, but still catch no fish

(Keep it simple, sometimes best

Can`t catch many, but better than less)


To help break your fall if you`re landing in the loop, try using wind from others to make balance

(Or use stones, bring wind to you

Saves time, less risk to do)


Lost? Make your lights or follow others close to guide yourself among bonfires- take your time

(What is time? A measurement?

Space isn`t a limitation! It`s a placement…)


…Well, however way you go about it, nothing`s a long shot for you! Embrace your thoughts, use them to move more than tables

(Yea, Short leaps, break tables- get bark

Good fuel for shots in the dark)