Nothingness upon Itself

by Sableshade

A being that doesn`t take itself seriously may as well be a puppet

A tool, shell, void, elegy, a machine

A wall, hollow, mindless, ruins, something of was

Through history, one without a meaning can bounce definitions


These definitions can come from many things that lead up to a meaning of no meaning at all to anything or anyone. Nothingness as a meaning of useless is null. It’s random to be simply no meaning at all. Even uselessness has a use.


A being that doesn`t carry a form may as well be a shadow

A drone, vortex, fog, mirage, some dream

An illusion, delusions, confusion, visions from a contusion

It`s a nightmare to think that it`s just eating space without a hollows` notice


That has to be filled by things that influence it`s change in the world. Leading up to a shift in anomalies which makes nothingness usefulness to ones and things. It`s randomness falls with the idea that the idea isn’t understood clearly enough by those it manners. Like space left behind overtime.