Mother & Child

by Sableshade

My mother has a child

We watch each other grow old

I`ve faced a mother with her child

I`ve stopped her from going wild

They couldn`t face me, I`m too strong


Yet mild, mild at heart


My mother protects me

We got each other, see?

I`ve once hurt a mother`s Somebody

I got to live with that pain, I`m too strong


Yet scared, scared of myself


My mother forgets arguments about us

My mind tends to slip and thinks its best

I`ve watched a mother struck down by her Child`s fist

I could`ve ended it, although, I`m too strong


She bared it, I held back and cried with silence


My mother would fight for my side

She`s never told me to be strong, why?

I`ve never seen a mother and child cry

I could save them from hardship if I try



I`m too strong, in my eyes