Elevator made of fear and thrills

by Sableshade

(“Psss, I found some good beats today.”)

The Ape – Give In


It’s my hook for my point. Search around in the channel if the link works. I found something dark and creepy in on the way there. I call it karma for looking up furry animals and trying to skip adorable cat art on WordPress.

RaggElevator concept

So this week I’ve been adding some art in my notebooks and stuff. A lot of it is a mess, but somewhere out there it’s a milestone for someone to peak at. I’ve been taking some risks, hoping the poems I’ve been throwing around the internet is giving people stuff to think about. I see the folks on here enjoy them. I might clean up some older content I have around one day and show it off. But if you know me, I do things in bursts. As I brought up my secret superpower in social media this month, a friend of mine thought making a piece out of compiled poetry might be a good idea.

I thought about it for a long time…

(Hahahaha, friend! Do you know where I live?

But, seriously… I’ll consider it. Thanks.)

The last time I ever had someone back me up like that was when I had to learn how to build interesting resumes. Good times. Anytime after that, it’s been a project from a time where I had to get an education to learn how to make things people enjoy. That’s right, for the people. Turns out, you can try to please both yourself and the crowd by simply sitting them down and having a ‘talk’. I’m normally a class quiet, so forgive me if one day you throw me a bone or something. I might keep the bone, and only thank you with some kind of art expression. I’m comfortable like that.

One step at a time.

I’ve also been talking to friends and artists I thought I would need to throw a hand out to. Due to me clinging to some words I’ve carved into the web, hoping to not freeze up again and start eating myself out of pride, shame, and embarrassment. While improving my drawings to my taste, I’ve been exploring and seen some cool stuff, even bumped into things that made me want to say; “Nope, screw this, can’t beat that! Oh wait…I can’t make that, but I know how they did it, maybe, just maybe.”

Let’s just say I’ve been looking into a lot abstract lately.

It’s good for fighting stress.


To wrap it up, I give you this thing (you know, if it’s still here). A white drawing I made this week on a piece of leftover black mat from my college days.


Safety Word is 'Poetic'