The risky play: Echoes of the Blade

by Sableshade

Everyone beyond the age of a minor likely has an Echo. That echo is your ‘pen name’, your ‘toon’, your ‘nickname’, your ‘inner self’, your ‘past’. Since your echo has so much power over your life, you do need to be contemplative about your plans in this platform. Your life is not a joke. You could screw yourself suddenly now and days by just looking at somebody wrong. Some peoples’ lives are like this every day though. To them, all I can say is: Keep up the effort.


I say those words everywhere lately… But I do mean it folks. Because, any day you could catch yourself slipping and lost for a while. People like me won’t even care. I’d just light you a path to catch up somehow and cheer on when we meet again. It’s a thing warriors did in the old days, right?

Anyway, here’s a random bonfire for you on those days where like me, your light fades and you can still see where you’re going.


Mileman's Bonfire