Word Search

by Sableshade

Word searches are fun for everyone

Find the thing you want and learn it

No body of phrases can slow down your fun

Words are meant to be shared, bit by bit


You have a thing for words? You do, I know

Looking for that special meaning? You can!

We have engines, archives, the librarian show!

Old mysteries from my time that search while you plan

You see where I am going with this? You might… O-oh!



Write down the things you like, you see, you hear, you sense

Know no need to keep it all in your head

That is like jumping a spiked fence…

Put it all on a writing thing. You know the word. You knew it since…


Since, you know. Your first day



Word searches are fun, for even you

Find the thing you enjoy and put it somewhere for one of us too!