Bonfire and Hollowed: Echo Poem

by Sableshade

Bonfire: Echo

To the one who lights the way; use this place as a means of respite

There are paths, monsters, and former others that will seek you out and snuff you

Stand firm, show no quarter

Pray for them to help you better you

Fight for those who are lost, with your breaking light in the darkness, clearing the Void

Seek more like yourself to expand your own flame, your hope defines this Echo

If you become lost, seek out the Bonfires made for the humane

Revive yourself and light the way once more

Hollow: Echo

What’s a matter, can’t find yourself?

Stay around here; they’ll find you

No use holding your ground when you can’t even see your own envy

…Why don’t you just give up? Almost did a couple of times…

To be honest, the truth hurts more if doubt gets you first

Give it a shot, reset and see that even a hollowed one can burst into something wild

So what’s the matter, can’t find yourself?

Redefine yourself and seek out what can’t be seen ahead

Bonfire and the hollowed