Battling Life on Survival: Bus only

by Sableshade

“Hey, remember those days when I use to list all of the bull that I go through with cleaning after other people who don’t seem to care? Oh yea, those days have gotten much better lately. No- I’m serious. At one point I cleaned up parts of stadiums throughout the city of cars for months. Everyone had their fun, worked for breaks, and so many other things that it would be spoilers to express it here. Now don’t be jealous… If you’re in the area just go to your nearest resume sending source, you won’t forgive yourself missing out on my fun. Period.”


(Sorry about the literally word chasm up there, it’s my Recaptcha for WordPress for people not in the know guys…)

Gen 2 Rock Bus

Anyway, if I haven’t mentioned it yet, life continues to grind on everyone. This time I got the ‘Less Free Time’ card, but that won’t stop me this month. I’ve been looking into music lately. It has helped me focus my nerves from time to time. What I mean is that listening to music that I like has given me time to reflect on side goals that would normally make me use things like TED or Toggl for projects. TED is an idea theme website that some people (like you knowing about this place, reader) should peak into at some point in life. Sure, you might prefer the role of the underdog, but underdogs make some places like TED a thing. As for Toggl, that’s an old stopwatch site. That’s about it…


But no seriously, Toggl was a website that I used back in my college days when projects required for me to handwrite every second of my life on paper. Pardon me but I’m a bit ‘complex’ for a clock that I need to use for every waking moment in my life to- oh wait…

Look at the time

However, Toggl is useful for when teams of people may need to track time management or edit those minutes head on to make ends meet. By now, there might even be new features around on that website. Go follow that place. It will save you time, even outside of work.



…The only hard part about this week is going to be relearning the bus, but I’ll be back.

Apex_vs_Rock_bus edited

(Strange, I thought I burned this thing~)