The Weight of a Fury

by Sableshade

The weight of a fury can make or break games

It’s the feeling of overwhelming which can change minds

Quickly bringing moves to a halt

Harshly changing the mood

Suddenly breaking rules

Rudely intruding


Surprisingly it can’t do it on its own

A batch of bonfires must set things in motion

Without learning, the weight of a fury would become cancer

Without focus, it’s a distraction

Without hope, it’s a bar

A barrier that will stop things, even the weight itself cannot pass


The weight of something fierce can catch anyone off guard with a little timing

May it be take ever, seem like never, or be forever unforeseen

Once it comes out of nowhere, expectations are in the air

When it happens, nobody’s ready

If it works, good game

How it even?

Who knows…


Gotta go after the world with the weight of a fury so fierce

The world doesn’t pull punches

So embrace the unknown

Embrace the weight of knowing

React to the unknown, knowing you hold no bounds

Knowing, that your fury holds no bounds

Kaleidoscopic goggles