The Loop

by Sableshade

(Ready for that copypasta I promised?)

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People over my age would know full well what I mean if I explain it. So, bear with me. Besides, ‘believe’ and ‘love’ are strong words right?


   Ever run into those days where no matter how hard you try to break the feeling of a strange habit that you seem to slowly walk back into it without knowing any better? Well, try fighting sleepiness. It’s hard, but that feeling you get when your body finally breaks from braving the hours too long can suck. For some, that nasty habit might be from either too much wake-me-up drinks, poor time management, or a more tragic case like insomnia. The tip of it is that if you feel like you’re losing time meant for a precious moment in life… even for the day, you might be where I end up sometimes. I call it, ‘The Loop’.

   You start the day busy, little sleep, maybe some pain growing on you as the hours drag on. You go to work after that little ritual cleverly designed to distract you from counting the coins in your pocket like it’s no big deal. At work you feed the machine. You contribute your willpower to your fellow busy folk. At work you feed the sadsacks who put themselves down because it’s a struggle just getting to work and it doesn’t change, ever. At breaktime you rest, you reflect. You question your living while waking up to the understanding that even the brains of the work are confused, sort of off, but are in the loop with you. If you don’t get breaks though, ouch…

   At some point the machine is well fed, let’s you go, and behind your back prepares the next contributions. Some of the day is yours now. All you have to do is use you means to reach the end before the day does. Some got to use gas to get home though, others are stuck with coins. You might even get back with just enough time to close your eyes and prepare for the next contribution of the work, to keep your home stable. Some players love being this busy. Do you?



So little time in the mind… Chains feel weak, but are very strong when you try to break them…

   That’s The Loop in action. Taking spirits and toxic candies is one way to deal with that madness. You might want to suggest something else though. Look for folks who you can share ambitions with. Focus on those ambitions with things like time management. Carry others with your ambitious goal. The goal could even be to just get through the next paycheck.

   You’ll be stunned how talking to people you can connect with makes work bearable. Outside of work, these connections might give you resources for a game plan to move up in the world. A handful of folks will warn certain people about not plotting your future right – seriously, you could get stuck in a place for life working the same job if you let it eat you up. So don’t sink too deep in the sand. Ok?

   Surely even you got somebody you chose not to chat with for a long time. Why would you waste their time? If the loop claims people for real, why distract someone else who’s trying to break their loop? Why bother? To be honest, I wouldn’t know. But be prideful about it. Call that person! Let them know that things are alright. That you’re sane, that they’re sane, and should be constantly aiming forward. Remind them to get some sleep, then struggle through with a positive outlook on things. If they got dreams, remind them to keep building around that dream – that goal may be the hope they had abandoned unknowingly. Don’t you got something like this – a milestone that rewards you for knowing it’s there?

   For the lone wolves out there, your goals would be to tackle this sort of advice differently. Some explorers like to meditate on topics like this to find themselves. Stress relievers and things that help you feel good are going to work best for those who have a thing for not chatting it up with a real person. Art is a thing. Things you can do to the body is a thing. Don’t ignore your passion, work around it to think about it. Then when you can, investigate life for a bit.

   The lesson is, if you think that you got it rough because a job is stalling you from having free time, don’t take it out on other workers that you can effect. Instead, vent it into motivation and make a solid effort bridging cracks in the chain. Some might rush it, that’s fine. Just know that staying full of hope most of the time is as challenging as having a full time job. I won’t tell you that I love you or ‘believe in you…’ That’s your job! You should understand that full well. Take what you can from this, break The Loop!