Discovering other Madmen

by Sableshade

A Sable in the dark

   Welcome back folks! I got some interesting news. While looking for a new way to express myself I did find that Shane Frost topic I was looking for. I just hope that my words reached them. Like many artists if you have a thing for making things and making things real, you can bet that you’re down in spirits in some way. Exploring the works of someone who has managed to tough it out for a bit can do the mind some good. It gets weird though when you have no special attachment to things and the name pulses from your soul for days. Screaming in the back of your mind every minute because of a parting shot that got you right in the feelings. “Too deep to go back” I would think; “Too deep too soon” they’d reject; if you talk to the topic in the form of an adoring fan, you could risk hurting their soul.

   So, because I got kicked in the head by a phantom from 2011 (and trust me, I did dig at this Arbinel like the known designer I am) while at a breaking point for the third or so time in my life; I’m kicking back… with a thank you.

But please, if that stranger stumbles across this place someday…

No ‘dears’ live here!

No ‘sweets’ for you friend!

Please use glue for your broken heart, Dr. Taletale! (My heart messed up too, but I know without a doubt that it is definitely kind)

And seriously, welcome to this bonfire – the Speed-demon Tracks.

My hopes are like stars, they need a nova or two to get rolling again.

So sometimes, I hope that the internet never stops being random. And for connections like this can turn out to be positive adventures. Keep up the effort!

P.S: For people new to the tracks, sometimes I like to leave doddles around for fun.

Like this one: What everyone Deserves