The sudden reopening of the Tracks 2016

by Sableshade

Part 1 – Free writing; Looking for a ‘Shane Frost’; Looking back at peer artists of this time; Seeking advice from my old words in stenos


     …When I got off of work from my last Sunday shift, I was steamed. So mad that I missed my transport for a second time since the last shift, that I didn’t even want to wait for my crew to drop me off at home this time. So angry at myself for not being able to ‘carry’ my weight of the load evenly to finish the shift on time. …So pissed that I don’t have a means to redo certain things out of my control, that it felt like my day (maybe even the whole thing) was some twisted comedy skit turned against me. So much hate for there being so much trash on the ground that… no I mean, like real trash. Paper balls, peanuts, popcorn, pizza toppings, salt. So much, and so many blends of salt that it baffles my mind on how hard a cook’s job might really be sometimes. Right before some guy has to clean it all up for the next day… So funny, that I can’t even stay mad rambling at it.


(I swear I miss doing this… The writing I mean)

These days give me a reason really find myself when I can put my words somewhere…

Life is like that sometimes.