The sudden reopening of the Tracks 2016

by Sableshade

Part 2 – Free writing; Looking for a ‘Shane Frost’; Looking back at peer artists of this time; Seeking advice from my old words in stenos

   After making that little rant in Part 1 and watching a Hitman movie, I think it’s time I try getting back into this blog business. I don’t who’s still connected and following. Thank you for sticking around. Although to be realistic, its somethings I’ve ran into that has brought me back full circle. Some bright things, some strange things, some things that are nothing compared to how grim the news is these days, and something about an artist who keeps making this crazy flash art. Without making this seem too twisted, to those things and the artist that I’ll be inspired by from where I was and the days ahead… I’m proud to be the person that I am.

(Seriously, thank you)

   Now that I’ve made a few years’ worth of old and new steno topics in my steno books, I might have enough pieces to entertain my inspiration. The reason I’ve been ‘dead’ for so long is mostly my own limits. I’ve been busy though (…besides work). I’ve explored old comics of art styles from some people that I shrugged off years ago thinking “looks good”. Those folks on an eye to eye might or might not prefer for me to say something like “phss- not enough detail” or “good for someone new to drawing”, but no. Some of these web comic pioneers, networkers, and lurking members of Fine Arts either been through a similar fate/phase like me or have had to tear down all kinds of walls just to get their crowd to eat them apart and redefine how they want to mark the skies with a name.

   I hope I’m making sense to you viewer, because I’m serious about how I want to go about this. Fame is not the goal to me, the Name is the viewers’ voice. I’m breaking stride though because I already know I need to rebuild myself, constantly– I mean before I so much as have somebody pick me up with a fork and ready fangs and ask me again… “What are the next steps?”

(…I would personally would’ve stuck with “What would you do for you” or something like that, but only my family asks me funny stuff like that.)

   I could even list the names of those people I enjoy watching make these clever pieces, but I won’t right away due to me own morals and ethics. When I feel it’s time, as always I’ll bring them up. Until then, I mostly need to do my part as a follower and keep them inspired by my means. Support roles makes everything seem better, right?

   Another funny thing that’s been on my mind. When I start focusing on more business themed connections (if I was going to add a design link to this blog for example), it’s clear to me that consistency needs to be a thing. You could add an art link with a video game link to this kind of blog if that’s your theme of themes, but to avoid traffic problems with viewers, followers, lurkers, ect. You’ll need to limit the theme of themes. I mean, is it common to have a link from a place like this connected to a community crowded place say ‘Newgrounds’ and a more contact heavy site known as ‘Linkedin’ become a solid web of people/connections? Would the cultures of these sites be too alien each other? Aside from their history and purposes, I wouldn’t think so.

   I think would just breadcrumb the people. A link from Youtube that leads to another known site and so on. There’s some unsavory websites where if you know an artist that’s legit, just plug the fine artist name into a search engine. BAM! Exposed if they have so much as a registration date or a piece. A warning though, knowing an artists’ work history as far as art is involved might leave you… surprised. Also, you’ll need to do research, have an open mind, become fluent at word filtering, and believe in your tech savy-ishness; Final destination, no items, Fox only. But hey, how did you find this place of random writers?


(Internet is like that sometimes)