Work Coma

by Sableshade

     Have you ever had days where you put your body through so much stress that you could barely enjoy a day off? Something that was important to you that you wanted to work on which put you in this situation now cannot be done due to “Working too hard”? Welcome to my concept of the Work Coma. Procrastinating and the Work Coma are two different things. Work Comas can put you in a loop where you can’t work on you precious goals due to body fatigue; Procrastination turns your body into a staller (You can turn off that staller by the way). My family tend to fight off their Work Comas daily to get things done.

     Although I don’t like cleaning as a daily job, it gives me time to think about the world around me, plan stuff out, and watch people be who they are. For me, work comes before chatter, but I’m really good at expressing my points and working at my best. However, don’t be lazy in order to avoid getting a Work Coma. You don’t want to end up looking for a new way to make funds right?

 Mario Amibo

     Last week, I had a chance to also get a bunch of supplies for my gaming consoles -mostly controllers. While I was relearning how each controller could affect certain players, I’ve played around with a special figurine called an Amibo. It’s like a key that allows you to unlock bits of content from games that it represents. I can see a lot of things happening with these collectable toys, just tell folks though to be gentle with them. I come from a time where people can’t even handle paper thin phones, but they get mad when a child/nuke proof device comes out and their pockets just can’t hold it down.

 A Broken Device

     Might be hard to see, but this my unsung hero of college Photoshop… It still works.

     By the way, the snow is here and I had a chance to sleep through the holiday in peace. I hope you folks have had your fill for now, it’s getting colder from here, but it is easier to make these topics when I’m up early. I don’t know how work is going to treat me in December, so I tell you what, next topic I’ll make some “copypasta” (No, not that kind). It will be based off of some of my lore and story concepts. The reason why I want to make this thing is for many reasons, but right now I want to know if I got what it takes to make an essay with more than 1000 words. If I make some art that is better than the doodles in the meantime, that’s a bonus. And thank you for your curious eyes and minds, it keeps this random place from looking like a one way mirror. Happy holidays!

 Sand games

Hope you like sand, there’s lots of that here…