Breaking digits under the rug

by Sableshade

I’m glad that a lot of my friends are finding ways to manage in life. Some of them keep trying to have me be their wingman for odd jobs though. Why would you care?

Not sure to be honest, but hell!

I had a chance to go back to one of my old Shooters from the Halo series (It’s a military space game that uses first person perspective with aliens, guns, and some epic lore thrown in from its later made books). My friends and I played a few rounds, tested out what I still knew, and talked a little about life. On the bright side, I hope you guys are ready for the cold by now. Halloween is almost here to freeze a lot of us. However, mostly the trees will tell us how cold it is.

Another thing, I’ll never understand how some people think that using a broom is so easy. I keep smashing my fingers on the job sweeping seats riddled with junk and gunk. As for the mopping, I can settle with getting sore hands from that. As a matter of fact:


How to Sweep, by Sableshade

There are various fun methods to using brooms and mops. It’s something that has been in nature for a long time, even birds do it using feathers. This is for how to handle a sweeping instrument using hands though, not feet. When you do use a broom, you would place your control hand at the top and your steering hand somewhere near the middle of the broom close to the top. From there, apply downward pressure to the broom while pushing it’s brush in a desired direction using your steering hand. You can also use mops and other stick instruments in a similar fashion. Just remember you need to steer the stick where at needs to go or you may have a hard time reaching those spots you want to get. With mops you may have to switch the flow and roles of your hands to make sure that the mop’s brush can suck up the water it makes with as few wipes as possible or place water down in an area the same way. Also, with mops you’re dragging the brush instead of pushing it, like a hand sponge. The broom and mop can be turned in certain shapes and angles for specific reaching needs in order to rake debris from a spot or loosen it. Under the proper hands, you can be quite clever with sweeping anything.

There are also many techniques for sweeping even the most cunning scum of the yuck. Even a slick stick is still sturdy enough to sweep with. An old favorite is the feather duster trick, where you can use just your steering hand to sweep. Without the control hand though, one has to do both roles with one hand. The point of this trick though is for reaching narrow walls, spots, and foreign visitors in the area like bugs and pests using the broom’s brush. It can also be used for removing dust bunnies from ceilings too. Mops become somewhat heavier than brooms when wet, but you still drag it with one hand for the best possible reach or when you need a quick wipe in one spot.

There are times where some junk is just too thick to sweep up with a normal touch. This heavy hand trick requires for you to somewhat know your way around the broom. By just adding force to the steering hand and restraint the control hand, even you can move the wind around you. Be mindful of how much force you got though, this isn’t golf. Know that you don’t need to launch the debris away from you, but you’ll use the heavy hand to shove filthy blockades aside. In the case for a mop, this trick should be used to make it reach faraway spots to save yourself some walking time by making wide wipes where you want them.

Along with the heavy hand, there is a light hand trick too. The light hand requires a simple and focused touch. With a weak force and a more free control, you can gently place much smaller piles of trash where you need it in a more accurate way when you push the brush around as lightly as possible. Fast sweeping motions can work with this trick very well compared to the feather duster and heavy hand tricks. This technique may be your most needed trick when dealing with crumbs, dust, and random bits of light trash. A light touch with a mop would make the mop’s brush gather or spread water in shorter wipes, but truly needed if you don’t want to mop up specific spots for a reason.

Remember, these life hacks are usable for other things than just sweeping. These techniques help people out every day, they’ll help you out. Maybe they will give you some ideas. At the most, nature always provides the means to sweep it clean and sweep it tight. Just do the work right, you’ll get it done.