The 40th/41st shift

by Sableshade

De Je

Is everyone feeling that October wind? This happens to be my favorite month of the year. It’s where the strange and unreal can be at its peak without question. No doubts here, only odds and ends. My cleaning duties have been noted so well by the higher-ups that now that baseball (for my guys) is over, I now get to have fun helping out with our hockey stadium.

However, as I’ve been trying to work, I’m starting to feel that I’m losing something here. I’m looked at as a worker who works too hard among the custodians, while I continue to make life stressful in the kitchen near my personal workplace. Luckily only the food gets the bad end of it, as for my coworkers, I feel that they need to someday understand that I’m not trying to hurt myself on the job, I’m just naturally considerate. Even on a good day I could act pretty dark, but I rarely show it. For so many reasons, I’m just thankful that I’m aware of it and can put it all to good use; many people act like they can’t stop their thoughts or that ignorance is bliss, but I just refuse to be like that.

Anyway, on to more peaceful and fun stuff.

Those of you who are planning on dressing up for Halloween or sooner, try to make theme reminders for yourselves. Not with your trivial candy corn or pumpkin (unless you costume is directly related to it) but with something that could make the mind wonder in disbelief. Heck, some people could use their pets as their icon of the house if it stares at people a lot. I’m more of an undead roguish costume guy who likes ninja and warrior themes, but that’s me. What I know I normally don’t see are costumes based on certain myths; Dryad, Harpy, Aye-Aye, Tribal folk, plant people… maybe even a monster from one of my childhood games might work. Human-like is fine, but I would avoid going full human unless you got some cool tricks few people can do like spooky storytelling.

Before I go, look into a youtuber titled“BrendanielReads”, I don’t care where his Copypasta comes from, but the spooky stories he shares from the internet are narrated very well… even when he messes up.

P.S: Melanie Martinez; She got some good pipes. If you’re into unorthodox beats, listen to her stuff.