Bending luck; Stepping on shells of dust

by Sableshade

I know a lot has been happening among friends, writers, and artists during these busy weeks. I’m trying to finish up what will be considered the end of cleaning duties at the ball park. I have to guess since the art museum didn’t contact me for work, I’ll either need to talk to them directly on a free day while I plan my current job path (which might have me working at a hockey stadium next) or consider building my fine art skills with the little art “clan” where my job searching started.

I don’t know, luck is kind of twisted (for those who don’t believe in it, it’s now time to talk about it).

I know a worker from the cleaning crew who may be the most devoted worker in terms of years. She appears to have other reasons for why she worked this job for so long, but the most I care to know is that she works where the money flows. From what she and a lot of the devoted workers keep saying, the custodian cleaning crew (CCC) I work for now wasn’t the original company that used to be at the ball park. That, and the old CCC were much more appealing to work for due to the benefits of hard earned work per worker. The number of workers were much larger than they are now, but due to my limited knowledge of the cities’ workforce, all I know is that I fight every shift hoping for good days.

Though, I bet you having 150 strong cleaners would be much better than working among just around 40, some of which so sore from working a single task that they got to claim what they can from empty seats, fellow workers, and even peanuts. Still, I like to think about making my own luck while on the job. What is considered bad luck for someone is to me good luck in some cases. Breaking my back is silence while everyone moans about theirs tends to feed me with a desire to surpass natural feats despite my personal issues. If my body would let me, I would consider doing full time for the CCC, but all I would ask in return is a new hat, comfy shoes, a strong backpack, and water coolers for everyone among the crew to use. I’m not the only one there trying to not to break the odds, but you know there’s something wrong with the workforce if you have to use a broom without a brush to sweep shells and dust.

Just saying.

If you the type of person who doesn’t pick up coins facing down, consider the power of passing on that influence of luck around, you’ll be surprised… also, never complain about being tired. How do you think the other workers feel?