Ready or Not, Prepare and Peel; Habit Building Game

by Sableshade

It’s been at least 22 days within 23 shifts since I’ve been with the cleaning crew. You can guess that I’ve seen a lot of their good days, fought through the hard ones, and bared my zombie teeth against another Soggy Night. Remember, Soggy Night are the days where everything -trash, bags, …peanuts, and gunk itself is heavier than normal due to the rain. Knowing full well when any shift other than “Normal Mode” night time will be the days where the crew are shorthanded will have to be the days where I need to do more than resort to will power.

For example, I learned recently that bees, ants, and certain pests could make cleaning duty worse than Soggy Night if unprepared. I’ve been building certain habits to also get me through the days when the crew is at a normal pace. When we reach a certain section, “Restroom Break Time”. When the supervisors start handing me a personal helper, “Ground Rules Time”. If I don’t have to deal with peanuts on that shift, “Mental Dance Time”. If they make me deal with peanuts… first it’s “Fick’en Peanuts Time”, then it’s “Peanut Scout’en Time”.

Remember, every cleaning day is the Peanut Wars (to me). You sometimes got to have fun with your job or it can drive you mad, it’s the reason why I’ve started the Habit Building Game. However, don’t use the Habit Building Game unless you can somewhat avoid procrastination on the job, or if your not bored. You don’t want to make bad habits for yourself, right? 


…Speaking of building habits, I’ve been trying to look more into museum culture due to my goal for finding a better job while honing my Fine Arts. After some deep thought, if things go well, I’ll try to keep the cleaning role as well. Also, I’ve been looking around WordPress and I’ve noticed something about creating hype. I’ll consider it since I do want to put more fictional topics on the tracks. If I do this, just know that they are game related due to my skills, but will be purely fleshed out for now to be reader friendly.

Yea, I’ll defiantly consider it…