Lessons from an Echo

by Sableshade

(Hope you folks like free writing, with a pinch of brush up.)


I wonder if acting out with what ever is on your mind is a popular lesson in life. I’ve seen on a lot of business sites like LinkedIn with people making these epics about how never starting out when your truly ready is the way to go. Do I or should I follow suit? Even my peers who clearly have more insight have shown up in videos saying stuff like “Fail faster” or with posts and threads that imply that running after cars like a dog will work even in these times. Do I really want to just work my ass off without thinking about my health? I’m serious. So far I have a good number of people warning me up front (handicaps and retired sportsmen alike) don’t work too hard on small tasks and don’t overwork yourself. Yet, I can’t help but see that not everyone is pleased with how I learn to do things. Hard work is an overtime gig to me, after all, everyone I know learned how to drive through hard work, not just talent right? Here is a phrase that may haunt me forever (I’m not a business company, I’m a human being. But still, it’s the way the message can be read): “Expand Before You’re Ready.” If I had to apply that way of think to everything I do today, I may just stick with my “Copycat everything” mentality, which is just doing what I see, not what I know.


(This little bit below was out of a fit of rage, but it might help someone…)

Going back to that for a bit, I was thinking it lead to the idea that when you have tried something new, even if you mess up, now you can use that error to continue trying the new thing. However, sometimes this feels like the efforts of a homeless man trying to become rich for the first time. Who knows… maybe I’m in the wrong here, but I always find it funny when people expect you to be good the first time you do some kind of task like sweeping. Ok, everybody should know how to sweep trash with a broom, but even I’ve been called out a few times by my people with the question “you don’t know how to sweep?” Even on my first peanut night it kind of hurt having my broom taken from me and seeing one of my supervisors sweep the crumbs like a monster without really telling me how to move like him. I don’t know about you guys, but that crap makes me feel worse than stupid at times, but not in a “but that’s life” kind of way. Sometimes even I’m like that though. People place expectations on others out of hope, sometimes it works.

Other times, you’re the fool getting mad at a player for not knowing how to press the jump button. But that’s life, sometimes.