Sweet Snack Sack: the S.S.S.

by Sableshade

Decapp the trashcan

There’s a funny story to this… this picture I’ve made.

     I was thinking if anything could be made into a cartoon character with enough expression and this was what came to mind. If you can figure out what it is based off of, I’ve done well. However, back in my storyboard class I was taught that if you can figure out a memorable character using only a black figure of it, that is better. Think Woody Woodpecker or Goofy – was makes them memorable? What makes a job memorable? For me, it would be the experiences I learn from it and the features that come with the effort of working your sores till they’re sore.

Now let me ask you something I read from a comment section on Youtube.

Doesn’t “RIP in peace” sound weird?

Besides the point, but just think about it. On to the long parts…

      I’ve been cleaning my ball team’s bleachers for three weeks now within 11 shifts total. I’ve been finding all kinds of interesting things that people who happen to have the money will lose in the middle of leaving these public arenas. Sometimes it’s used hot dogs, used pizza, used pieces of twisted bread, mind altering beverages, or incomplete ninja products; handmade mixes of food and drink designed for sheer ball park enjoyment until cleaning duty.

     Cleaning duty will always be an important event in life for someone, but as long as I’m working for these crowds and the people who economically believe that my “working conditions” are safe, I’m going to get my coworkers to refer to these days as the “Peanut Wars”. Some day…

     The most amusing part of this job so far is that no matter what group I’m with, I seem to be one of the only ones finding backbreaking cleaning somewhat fun. Maybe I’m just a madman, but until my body stopped stiffing up I was starting to doubt myself. I never stopped working, but my own demons tried hurting me with old tricks that I’ve defeated in my own way with what I learned through life and what I know now.

     Not everything has been bad though- popcorn, sealed refreshments, and sweet candy from the spoils have been my lifelines since the start of work. Luck is a factor I never waste in these strange times, but since my past I’ve also had to put up with random poor folk trying to rob the resourceful- even to this day it seems I can’t just put may stuff on the ground for once… no wonder why some of us don’t even carry lifelines of the job, but you got to pay for the bus/ stay hydrated/ be safe somehow right?

Still with me?


By the way: Even if you’re not a gamer, please stick around, this is important

     I remember a video a friend of mine back in Canada made about video games back in the good old days. Since everyone’s video game experience varies, can you recall how directly or indirectly they have interacted with your life?

     I’m asking about this due to a game I’ve been playing lately known as Earthbound. From my experience so far, I’m proud to have had the chance to play it due to how it tries to make your first choices seem so special on first glance while the gameplay begins. Many games have unique sparks like that, some claim to not need it and towards different angles they’re right. However, I’m the kind of person who enjoys lasting moments not just in words and pictures, but in stories and history too… if that makes sense.

     First experiences matter to me, maybe that’s why I also like this cleaning job as well. It’s my own way towards my goals, although to some, a strange one.

If you want strange though….

Try this: “Howtobasic”

or “Loadingreadyrun” (Comedy)

Heck. Try “Dadaism” (Art)

You know what to do with these…

By the way, it’s a living trash can.

See you later.