Dreams and Persona’s only you know

by Sableshade

Thoughts that can run your mind ragged: the series, the edition, the impact, the line that matters, the worst line since “ain’t”, the part that belonged to “Dupliss”.

     Today I would like to talk about my thoughts on my dreams. Everyone’s dreams can become twisted with enough food in your system before bed. Some folks believe that they can even control their dreams in detail with the proper preparations. In my case, I’ve been trying to sketch my dreams into words that I can someday put to use. My thoughts can already reach surreal heights, but it’s my dreams that take it across boundaries.

     I can remember dreams from my youth where wolves were chasing me from my own house, dreams that had me killed off from a plot just to be forced to roleplay a new main character till the end (I really wish Attack on Titan was like that…), dreams that were nothing more than brawls. and some dreams that portray cartoons out of their element working to together with unlikely company (Yea, it’s my dream, but still). As my friends say, I know some interesting things; for example, did you that there is a racer named “Will Power”?

     Moving on…

     I know many people with a lot of friends, but not a lot of friends with many personas. I don’t know if I touched on this before (have you even checked the deep dark things I’ve spoken in this ramble I call a road?) but I like to think that I have multiple pacts within my mind.

One for Bearing; One for Spite; One for Empathy; and One for Instinct.


     I could go into detail as to which one is dominant or if there are under-laying facts about them, however I’ll leave that one for another day. Not everyone is who they say they are on the surface… if the internet hasn’t taught you that yet, then go look up your favorite person in the world…

I’ll wait.

     When you do figure out someones’ persona, don’t be surprised if the person changes face, this can become a good or bad thing. To give some perspective, some of my friends have somehow learned to either repress negative thoughts, forget non-interesting topics, verbally dominate topics, or in some cases, see themselves in a one way mirror when bad stuff appears to happen to them. I my case, I could even influence people to my side without speaking to them, although speaking to them tend to have better results.

     I wonder if anyone’s dreams are based on one’s persona. Think about it, people who experience horrid things in their lives often have bad dreams that haunt them for hours, but how often do you hear people say that when good things happen to them that they’ve received good dreams? What would happen to me if spending a lot of time with a friend causes me to have non-friend related dreams and thoughts? Would my persona change at some point? The minds of interesting folk who have done some messed stuff even had a record of some good with them, but how do perspectives like this effect us as a whole? To me, some of this stuff is based on many forms of conditioning that I can only shoot at from the hip or throw verbal pipe bombs at.

Randomness alone can’t be used to predict.

     I hope you guy are explorers and thinkers like me, otherwise try some new things, you might love them.