by Sableshade


Vocanic Stadium joke Finish


     I’ve been working at my custodian job for three days now, with lots of cheering, waiting, and downward looking eyes from leaving crowds constantly blocking my path to the service door each shift. For job reasons it is wise to wait til the daily groups of young, built, and rowdy families leave the stadium. As far as I’m concerned, custodian work is not for the squeamish or selfish to witness nor experience; this is a worker’s personal art not a show. So far I’ve done sweeping, pick up for trash and garbage bags, some recycling work, and fought the stadium’s soulless peanut army.

     It is a warzone like you wouldn’t believe in this line of work. It’s me and the cleaning band, game on til game over nearly losing our fellow man to the unlimited horde of cups, candy, strange american food, and those clever pieces of mon- foreign lids that slip through the cracks along our simple tinted cleaning gear. Honestly, it’s mostly my fellow worker’s and the chats we share that help me get through the roles, even though I’m one of the most silent guys there. There is also some suite work, but only the gods know what people have seen going on in there and what needed to be cleaned up.

     With that, I beg a simple wager: “try stopping every time you see a….” Just messing around. I’m not going to ask nobody to work with the bands of cleaning, but you would have to see if you have the will, brawn, and brain for it though. There’s also personal fulfillment in this job, but you’ll figure that one out yourself right?.


     My next shift won’t be around till days from now due to our efforts at delaying the stadium’s Peanut Time Bomb, but I hope there’s some new people besides my group. We were 30 people cut to about 10 or less within a few days when we signed up for this epic cleaning afterbattle… but that’s just the main cleaning crew.



     See ya, I’m going to make some of my free days count again, cleaning up someone else’s trash tends to spark insight for days.

  I’m still here though, I swear it.