Sweeping in the first job

by Sableshade

It’s been a bit hasn’t? After who knows how long since my last note I’ve finally found some work.



Thinking of Vinny


     I would like to welcome myself back with some well done art, but you guys will have to settle with my doodles, sketches, and words from my notepad in the meantime. With that out the way, I’m going to be a stadium cleaner! Now don’t be like some folk and think that custodian jobs are a waste of time, this is by all seriousness my first legit, self chosen job path that I’ve sought for months. I was gunning for an assembly line job at one point, but let’s just say that they like to hire people on their terms.

     Heck, even now odd jobs are trying to use my natural skills like some burncard. I just don’t want to work purely on commissions – even if that is where the money is at. If you know the feeling where a person places low expectations on you face to face, that’s not a bad feeling for me. It’s when they’re placing low expectations on my back that irks me. That’s just my mind though. So, in a way I’m fighting multiple battles of like here… It’s going to be fun.


I’ll speak again, hopefully not as random as this.

See ya.