by Sableshade


It’s not up to me to care, but when I see it, should I?

This sea of love and hate that clouds the mind.

The fun that’s purchased in lives, titles, or blood, should I pry?

The tragedy which makes war and famine of families and use useless.


Things that I’ve seen only with my thoughts and eyes, past their lies.

Rumors and stories with a roll that causes anger on one side.

Emotions on solid objects to the fray with intent to mane for the other.


It seems that no one wants to kill, but explore, and then prosper?

But why isn’t clear to both sides?

They seek peace, from what is justice to them, not the other, or together.

And they fail to understand the lesson when it’s over, but do they cry?


They don’t care if I care.

They don’t recall if life matters to the other.

It makes them empty when it’s done, yet they doom us all to poison and love.

As the hate thickens, should I decide?


If I remove myself from the madness, would they care?

Be surprised! They need a fool, not to die, but to save them from demise.

If they lack the tools to repair themselves, they’ll be food to themselves.

Fix yourself, and mend the wounds of the fodder.


The feuds can be the climax, but it mustn’t end.

It must be silenced, it must be hushed, but must it stay?

Must it stay forever?

If for all to see, then you are the problem.


As a smile, fun to the end.

As a frown, tragedy will be your reaper.

As for me, it was a good show…